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Any created artwork must be a generator of interpretation

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Selected Oil paintings

In my artistic world, there are no landscapes, bouquets or sweet faces. I really love the direction, that I call neosurrealism. I like to portray loneliness, jealousy, love, kindness, fear, peace, war on canvas ... It seems like nothing special. However, I have in my head own forms of expressions of these deep human feelings. Sometimes very strange images can be obtained.

My story

I am free of stereotypes... I paint, as I want

I am a free artist ... in the sense that I am free from the stereotypes of academicism. I paint in the way I want, as I feel, but not as I was taught, I embody the idea on canvas, as I understand it at the moment. I am not afraid to make a mistake, there are no rules and dogmas in my work. This is the true freedom of the creator. Nevertheless, this does not mean that I do not study. Francis Bacon, Odd Nerdrum, Oleg Tselkov, David Hockney, Alex Colville – these are my extramural tutors.

Some facts about me

About the style searching

What is, essentially, the style for the artist? This is its internal element at the genome level. I, for example, will never be a realist. I need symbols. My images are traces of a person's emotions that lead to his most hidden corners. In addition, whenever I come to the canvas, it is important for me to find the right shape and colors for expressing a particular story. I cannot say that I was looking for own style of artistic narration specifically. Now, fortunately or unfortunately, I have a certain style to appear, there is a preference in colors and technique. I like to work with a palette knife, it allows me to make sharp chopped strokes, which I cannot achieve with a typical brush. However, more Often I combine these tools. For me, canvas and colors are the matter of a subtle spiritual organization.


Special feature

I animated some of my paintings. It is a prequel for my paintings.
Often, I leave a few philosophical mysteries in my paintings. But, I was faced with the fact that not all viewers immediately understand the sense of my paintings. When I explained to them what is happening in the painting - people just "explode" in emotions.
I'm a designer and animator by my previous profession and I decided to animate the history of my paintings. Finally, I was able to make cool art cartoons that can help viewers to feel my ideas. For example, the "Ropewalker" painting has caught much more fans after video prehistory posting. Before animation, a lot of viewers did not even understand why the picture is titled "Ropewalker".


Attitude to criticism

I learned not to associate criticism with myself personally. It took a long time to understand if your work is scolded, criticized, cannot be understood, it does not mean that you are mediocrity, it means that your artwork is worthy of discussion – it is victory. My paintings cause at people different emotions-from unrestrained enthusiasm to complete rejection. To tell the truth, this is a buzz for me, as for the artist – it is the emotions that I try to wrest from tired of routine life people. I will be happy if one spits in my picture than passes without interest. The worst thing for any artist is people's indifference.


Where are the ideas from?

Ideas for paintings come to my mind constantly, on the go and haphazardly. I do not invent anything specially, do not think out it. In addition, images are revealed already in the process of work on them. If I had to strain, be inspired and wait for the muses, I would not even take a brush.


Who is my viewer?

My viewer is not the one who is looking for a photographic story in art, but the one who thinks, looks around with reasonable look. However, as to any creator, of course, I want my work to be rewarded with the audience's sympathy, thus in my portfolio there are very nice, interior paintings that are bought by fans of bright art, natural canvas and oil.


I am not always know what my painting is about

When I am working on a painting, I, of course, have an idea of what I want to do. First, I express the idea in a pencil, but what appears on the canvas is already the realization that should bear the impression. Nevertheless, I understand that my meaning, embedded in the plot of the painting can be in a good sense perverted by the viewers. Moreover, I am to agree with everyone who gives his interpretation to the seen on the canvas. It means that I achieved what I wanted.


My art animations

Prequels of my paintings.


The image of the rope-Walker is collective. Characters are you and me and other simple people. The rope stretched over the abyss is our life. Art is the skill of walking on a rope and not falling. But to be able to empathize with the fallen, not to pass by, to help it is even more important.

Latest selfie with Jesus

People never lost the opportunity to make a selfie with someone great and famous. Sometimes it looks really strange.